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St Pauls Term 1 Week 11(A)

Please click the image below to download this weeks PowerPoint which takes a look back at last weeks events, an update of whats happening this week, and also any major events in the future.


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Welcome to St Pauls Catholic College

St Pauls Catholic College encourages our young men to be hard–working, courteous and to respect the rights of others.

We call on the teachings of St Paul, our patron and namesake, who challenged the early Christians to draw together different cultures, gifts and backgrounds into the one community.

Our motto 'Many Gifts – One Community' signifies our commitment to developing in young men the strength and resolve to be humble, gentle, patient and tolerant while growing in faith, courage and hope.

St Pauls Catholic College has as its foundation the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church. We strive to be a community that is faithful to the Gospel values in word and action.

Our community is built on the promotion of mutual respect and we work to make our College one that encourages growth and achievement. St Pauls is a place where students are encouraged to think for themselves; be confident and happy; and to cultivate a balanced attitude to life. Our vision is a College in which individual gifts are nurtured, to promote and strengthen community.

St Pauls Catholic College is a place where all are welcome.

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Latest News

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  • St Pauls Commencing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

    The introduction of an iPad program at the College is a positive step forward for the education of our students. A wealth of..........
  • Calendar for Term 2

    Click within to download the calender for St Pauls important events for this term
  • College Blazer Delivery

    College Blazers ordered from the Taylor will be delivered Thursday 10th April at 9 am. Students must bring balance owing and pay the Taylor direct on the day.
  • Artist inspires Greystanes students

    As artist in residence at St Paul’s Catholic College, Greystanes, Australian pop art painter Johnny Romeo has become a living, breathing resource for students.
  • College Assembly

    Highlights of the Recent College Assembly

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