St Simon Stock

Primary 1957 – 1961 / Secondary 1962 – 1975

In 1957, a primary school was established in Greystanes. The primary school also acted as the church for parishioners on weekends, and was known as St Simon Stock’s School.

St Simon Stock Boys’ School began in 1959 to take the boys from Greystanes and surrounding parishes. In 1962, St Simon Stock Boys High School enrolled its first secondary students.


The Parish of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Wentworthville, established a primary school in 1920, and the parish of St Margaret Mary, Merrylands, established a primary school in 1942. These parish schools could not accommodate the growing population to their immediate west and south. To alleviate this, the Parish of St Anthony’s, Toongabbie, established a primary school in 1950, but the areas of Pendle Hill and South Wentworthville or West Merrylands, which eventually became the suburb of Greystanes, had a large Catholic population. As such, they needed a primary school in the area, as travelling to the existing Catholic primary schools took a great deal of time. In 1957 a primary school was established. This new primary school also acted as the church for parishioners on weekends and was known as St Simon Stock’s School.

The beginnings bore all the hallmarks of the pioneering days. Classes were in the open air and a garage for the first week, after which a small room was made available in the new building. - (College Records).

St Simon Stock Boys’ School began in 1959, to take these boys from Greystanes and surrounding parishes mentioned above. In 1962, St Simon Stock Boys High School admitted its first secondary school students, and the Simon Stock Wing and St Paul Wing around Top Yard was the building which was to house classrooms and administration. The new buildings which were added at this time were officially opened on 1st July 1962.

From 1962 until 1967 St Simon Stock Boys High School was administered by the Carmelite Fathers based at Wentworthville Priory. The school’s motto was ‘Esto Vir’ which means ‘Be a Man’. The school ran classes from Year 4 (Fourth Grade) through to Year 9 (Third form).

As a result of changes to education in New South Wales, with introduction of the Wyndham Scheme and an extra year of schooling, the Carmelite Fathers felt they could no longer staff and administer St Simon Stock. Cardinal Gilroy asked the Brothers of the Society of St Gerard Majella to take over the running of the school. From 1968 until 1975, the school continued to be known as St Simon Stock Boys’ High School, with classes from Year 5 through to Year 10.

St Simon Stock Memories

To the best of my memory, the class was 4K, as Mr Knight was the teacher and I was class captain for about the first half of the year.

After my first four years with the Nuns at Wentworthville, it was like opening a new world to us, having a male teacher. He often ran late for class and at assembly, we often heard him drive through the main gates in his EK Holden to the staff parking area, which was out the back at the time. A few minutes later, the dust cloud would sweep over us, much to the annoyance of the Carmelite Brothers who ran the school in 1964, but we all thought he was great. You might also be interested to know that two names on the register went on to become popular rugby league players for Simon Stock High.

In 1970, Anthony Grogan was our full back and a very good player. The other one, Silvio Misfud, tended to be a target by "the in-crowd" during his early primary years. Later, in secondary, he not only proved himself to be a very good second rower, but also very popular with the other students.



1975 Yearbook available on request.

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Archive photos from St Simon Stock (Primary 1957 – 1961 / Secondary 1962 – 1975). Images available on request.

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