A few weeks ago, Year 8 were lucky enough to experience a visit from a time traveller as we kicked off Term Two. As a part of their studies in medieval societies, the boys were ushered into the hall to find themselves back some 500 years to the era of jousting, sword battles and knights.

After listening to tales of life on the medieval farm, our boys were eager to try on the chainmail, handle the heft of the sword and explore what it was like to have to live as a peasant in the Dark Ages. Most boys unsurprisingly struggled with the weight of the armour that members of the King’s Army were required to wear. Not only were they seen struggling to put one foot in front of the other, but to then be required to lift a 20 kg sword and swing was too much to ask. How anyone survived is beyond us!

Other boys even took centre stage, acting out courtly romances and learning about the very strict rules of chivalry. We were particularly impressed with how quickly the students were able to understand the rules and regulations of the kingdom. Or perhaps they realise the consequences of misbehaviour meant some pretty gruesome punishments. Some students were taken prisoner and had their heads and hands inserted in the stocks. Thankfully, we had forgotten to supply the rotting cabbages to throw at them and had to let them go after a quick selfie!

All in all, the experience meant that we could bring their theory lessons alive for one day. Hopefully the Year 8 students are able to move on to their next topic with a real appreciation of how much has been achieved since. And also instil in them a curiosity to explore the era further in future studies.


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St Pauls Catholic College Greystanes

St Pauls Catholic College Greystanes

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