Our Charism, Vision and Mission

Our Charism

Saint Paul was an intelligent, energetic dynamo, deeply inspired by Jesus, and famous for his courage and his preparedness to challenge for the truth and for love – against any odds.

He was the proverbial rough diamond, shaped by his constantly being on the move, by his many hardships, and by his profound devotion to people.

As the Great Missionary who founded the first Christian communities, St Paul insisted that these be places of welcome and hospitality, places where mutual respect and the hand of friendship are warmly extended. In addition, he was very clear – in any Christian community there is no place for spectators. Involvement, participation and genuine interest in each other are the price of belonging.

You’re welcome here, whoever you are

As a man whose life had more than its fair share of hardships, he encouraged all whom he met to live life to the full, to give of their best, to strive for wisdom and excellence (his word was “perfection”). And these personal gifts or achievements only became valuable when they were shared.

Many gifts to build a community

Saint Paul was a doer. He lived what he preached. Like Jesus his inspiration, he was a man of great heart and lively compassion – the eternal optimist. For him, life was about the positive, about affirmation and encouragement. He was an obsessive builder of community spirit, and we at St Pauls Catholic College are honoured that we have him as our role model and our namesake.

Our Vision

St Pauls provides a supportive and responsive environment for the education of young men. Our focus is on encouraging teamwork, participation and good sportsmanship.

We see growth of maturity and confidence as vital to the development of our students. We offer our students the opportunity to grow in a secure and caring environment - one that provides them with a sense of enjoyment and achievement as they prepare for their future.

Students are encouraged at all times, to do their best and we celebrate the achievements of all students. St Pauls students consistently perform well in state, national and international competitions and examinations.

According to St Paul

Our Mission

St Pauls Catholic College has as its foundation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church.

A place where all are welcome.

We will strive to be a community that preaches and lives the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Our community will be built on the promotion of mutual respect, the celebration of unity, and diversity. We will strive to make our College one that encourages personal growth and achievement.

St Pauls Catholic College will support practices that build a pride of self and the College; that assist students to think for themselves; to be confident and happy; and to cultivate a balanced attitude to life.

We have as our vision, a College in which individual gifts are cultivated, to promote and strengthen community.